Step 1 : Incubate Symbiosis /mix through your soil

5 gram per plant, 2 gram close to the roots and mix the rest (3 gram) through the soil. The Mycorrhiza will build a fantastic root network which will take care of the needs of the plant. Single application will take care of the Soils needs.

Step 2 : Insert Buffer Tablets in the soil, 1 tablet is enough for 5 liter soil.

The buffertablets have to be inserted into the soil about 2″ deep. These tabs will take care of your plants need through the cycle of the plant.with tap water and no need to adjust PH or EC.

Step 3 : Disolve bacto in tap water, 1gram per 10 sq feet

It is important to give Bacto the first time watering, This will encourage the biological Inoculate symbiosis in the soil from the start.This beneficial bacteria helps the growth of the roots. Repeat this every 2 weeks or as needed. 

Step 4 Flower Power, for week 2 of flowering

Organic Flower Power is a 100% soluble organic fish fertilizer.

Flower Power encourages the growth of large flowers by providing phosphorus and potassium.


weight: 1 lbs.

Flower Power

  • Use two weeks into flowering cycle at a rate of 1 Tbsp per gallon of water, every two weeks through the flowering cycle. Water only through the last two weeks of flowering.

    Flower Power can also be used as a foliage spray at a rate of 1 Tbsp per gallon of water.