As the world moves into a new phase of medicines, returning to human knowledge that has been ignored by science for centuries, the horizon of treatments using phytocannabinoids is growing wider and wider.

  • True Genetics is at the forefront of the shift – bringing together the scientific world of pharma with the holistic and long acknowledged benefits of phytocannabinoids to an ever growing window of indications. The Cannabis plant contains more than one hundred phytocannabinoids; the two most well-known in today’s world are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  • True Genetics core belief in creating a seamless Seed to Medicine pipeline is that every one of those phytocannabanoids has a value that has yet to be fully explored, Researched in depth, or brought to patients via acceptable mediums. We are bridging that gap every day.
  • True Genetics has built a unique Seed to Medicine pipeline that encompasses everything from cultivation & manufacturing, through clinical research, until the medication reaches the patient via a doctor and pharmacy.
  • Our ultimate goal has been to create products that are fully compliant with existing pharmaceutical regulations in every jurisdiction, with the only distinction being the presence of phytocannabinoids from the Cannabis plant.
  • From a formulation point of view, these products are created at the highest level of pharmaceutical formulation, fully GMP supervised and compliant, and are already being provided to patients as part of either clinical studies, observational studies or special access schemes in specific countries that allow them.
  • Our intention is to place our products on the shelves alongside every other available medication, and to shift the conversation from Cannabis to personalized medicine for the individual. Our desire is for patients to be given the ability to have fuller, healthier and happier lives. Cannabis holds within it elements that can facilitate this goal, and as such we are investing ourselves in researching, developing and creating products that will have that effect, globally.
  • True Genetics is focused on existing in the Pharma space by operating at the highest standards, providing the deepest levels of evidence and testing available, and educating and changing minds with results generated by the most important part of our company: The Patients.